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Apart from swimming and exploring the local area by walking, what other places can you visit  within a day's travel?

If you didn't see Dubrovnik when you passed through the airport, then do spend a day there.  Because it is a very special place - a world heritage site - parking outside the old town could be difficult in the height of the season.   For that reason, either take a bus all the way from the local main road, or take a local bus having parked quite well outside Dubrovnik. The same applies to Split where Diocletion's palace is the main attraction - although like Dubrovnik and Venice, it has these fabulous little streets packed with architectural curiosities.  Split is approximately 2 hours drive away.  Beyond Split airport is Trogir - another historic town with a cathedral and plenty of charm.

Another day trip would be to take your car on the ferry from Ploce to Trpanj on the Pelijsac Peninsula.  Then drive across to Orebic  where another ferry (20 mins) will take you across to Korcula Town   Another lovely mini- version of Dubrovnik.  The advantage of taking your car is that you can come home by another route, via Ston and Mali Ston.  Again these are charming old places, but there is a famous restaurant there which specialises in locally produced oysters (which are a very reasonable price).  You can see the oyster beds as you drive up the main road from Dubrovnik.

You can also get across to Hvar Island from Makarska.   However it takes over an hour to get to Makarska.  When you get over to Hvar, it is a very long island and will take hours to drive from one end to the other (where the old and famous town is).   It may be quicker to drive up to Split and do the ferries from there - as they are more frequent and arrive at the correct places.   Or you could start one end of Hvar and leave from the other.

Mostar is another interesting place to visit and it is only 45 minutes away.  Although they have rebuilt the famous bridge which was destroyed in the recent Yugoslav war, there are still many damaged buildings.  It is a strange mixture of medieval and modern, with a river running in a deep cutting through the middle of the town.  You can also see the famous mosque in the centre and the adjacent burial ground connected with the last fighting.  It is gradually recovering and offering facilities for tourists - such as canoeing  on the river.  There is more information about this trip on the Komarna website - your way to Mostar, you could call in at  Pocetelj - where there is a castle that you can climb up to above the main road, together with a mosque and Hammam.   Another place you might like to vist on that tour is Blagaj where the river pours out from under a cliff and there is  a restored Dervishes house right by the cave entrance.  There are many restaurants which serve local trout right beside the river.

Bosnia uses a different currency from Croatia, but it doesn't seem to matter too much.  It is useful to know that Bosnian supermarkets are open on Roman Catholic holidays and vice versa.  So you should find some food shops and cafes open.   On your way to Mostar, you could visit the Kravica waterfalls.  There are least 3 crossings to Bosnia in and around Metkovic.  From the border post  in Metkovic, you can also visit a Roman archaelogical site and a bird sanctuary.  Also not too far from the Kravica waterfalls is Medugorje - the place where a young girl saw a vision of the Virgin Mary.  Near the Bosnian border at Prud (go through Vid from Metkovic), there is a good restaurant where they bake their own bread and will take you for a boat ride on the river before lunch.

Apart from visiting restaurants, you can try tasting the local wines.   The vineyards are all around Kremena and also on the Pelijsac peninsula where there are many tasting possibilities and you can also have a wine-tasting lunch.   The advantage of visiting the popular tourist areas, such as Dubrovnik and Split is that the restaurants and shops are more developed and they almost always speak English.... they don't always do in Metkovic local area.  We have collected many visiting cards from the local area and from Dubrovnik - so you will have a big choice of where to eat out.

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