We are situated between Ploce and Klek about 3  kilometres from the main road to Dubrovnik. Our rental is very reasonable per person and the cost of a week's holiday together with airfare and car hire for 4 persons or more can be between  £300 and  £500 - but less with 8 people.

 The nearest large airport is Dubrovnik - which takes one and a half  hours along a fantastic coastal road, reminiscent of the California coast route 1.  Split is approximately 2 hrs away via the coast road, but it may be quicker now they have opened the new motorway from Ploce. Unfortunately only a few of the cheap airlines fly into Croatia (Easyjet to Split and Dubrovnik for example), but British Airways do have reasonably priced flights to Split and Dubrovnik from Gatwick (say £150 return).  Croatian Airlines fly from Heathrow, but they usually fly via Zagreb and not direct to Split or Dubrovnik and they are usually more expensive.  You can fly with Rynair to Ancona or Bari and take a fast ferry across the Adriatic.  This only works in summer as there are only overnight ferries in winter, but you can take your car across. There are charter flights in the summer - for example Sunsail might have some spaces on their charters. Easyjet fly to Lublijana in Slovenia, from whence you can get a train to Zagreb and then fly (cheaply with Croatian) from there.  It is at least a 7 hour car journey from Lublijana, but the new motorway to Split is excellent with very little traffic on it.  You could also drive out from England, but that will take 2-3 days through Germany, with at least 2 night stops.

Car hire from Dubrovnik for a week with a small car costs around £130, more for a larger car,  and you will need air-conditioning.  This is actually very reasonable for 4 people if you book in advance on the internet.

There are regular buses which go past on the main road from Split to Dubrovnik and they will stop at the corner at the junction, but it is then about 3 kilmetres to walk or get a lift to Kremena (downhill).  There are no trains going to Dubrovnik.  The train services seem to be slow and somewhat unreliable.

Map of  Location

The nearest large town is Metkovic - which has almost all the facilities you might require, including a railway (unfortunately connected to Sarajevo!).

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